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Creative Power Pages is created by Steve Feazel. Steve is a retired ordained minister who keeps busy by writing, speaking and producing documentaries. He also has experience in state government and as a college professor. Besides a degree form seminary, he holds an MBA from Arizona State. More about him can be learned at www.visionword.com. Steve has coauthored a book with Dr. Carol Swain entitled, Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children's Hearts and Minds. It has been featured on Fox News TV and Radio. See www.culturalwarbook.com.

Creative Power Pages was created to put literary works in a dynamic format. Color, graphics, pictures and animation can all be used to enhance the reader's learning experience. Since no paper is involved and distribution is electronic, the cost of the item is far less than a hard copy of a book. This creative format is ideal for young people who are using to using screens in obtaining information. Power Point allows literary works to be richly illustrated which is beneficial to all readers regardless of their age. It is far too expensive to do this in traditional printed publications.


Creative Power Pages will publishing their own generated works and will also make arrangements with outside authors to allow their approved works to be sold on the website. Besides Power Point, Creative Power Pages will explore other digital media for distribution. Join our email list below and receive news updates that will include new product announcements. 

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