By Steve Feazel

One Nation Under God documents, with historical evidence, that the United States was founded as a nation with a rich Christian heritage. From colonial days and into the 20th century, Christianity played an important role in the life, culture and laws of our nation. Images of historical paintings and patriotic graphics enhance this digital literary work.  The words of Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and other Founding Fathers are featured. The Separation of Church and State controversy is addressed. The national motto of "In God We Trust" and the reference to God in the pledge allegiance to the flag are given focus. Court cases are examined that supported the Christian faith in the past as well as those in recent years that have disparaged it. 

Readers are given suggestions on how they can be active in pushing back against the forces in our government and society that seek to diminish the influence of the Christian faith on our country. There is also a presentation of The Christian Bill of Rights that states twelve rights that Christians should have as they live in America which cannot be taken away by government.

One Nation Under God will strengthen your faith and inspire your patriotic pride. It contains truth that will amaze people of all ages, but it is especially valuable to young people who are no longer taught these truths in public schools.


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