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The Faith and the Life is a discipleship course designed to briefly cover the essential truths, doctrines, and character of the Christian Faith.  This course is composed of five units.  The theological concepts supported and presented in the course are of Wesleyan and Arminian viewpoint. The scriptures used are taken from the New International Version translation of the Bible.  The Scriptures are clearly marked so they can be referred to later. The course material will serve as a valuable resource that can be consulted in the future when one encounters spiritual issues in life related to the topics covered in the course.

The Faith and the Life is intended to help Christians understand what they believe and the biblical basis and support for such belief.  The extensive use of scripture enables a student in this course to have an encounter with the Word of God which becomes the basis of his or her theology and Christian maturity.  The course systematically deals with essential doctrines and teachings of the Christian faith that are necessary to know and understand in order to experience a successful Christian life.

This is an extensive discipleship course that has proven to be effective in establishing Christians in their faith and strengthening their walk with the Lord. The last commandment Jesus gave his disciples in Matthew 28 which is known as “The Great Commission” was that they go forth and make new disciples. Many churches do a lot of good things, but fall short too often in executing this last command from our Lord.

The Faith and the Life is written by Steve Feazel who taught it in churches he has pastored. Other churches have asked to use it and found it very effective in discipling new converts. Those who have used the course have liked its simplicity, reliance on scripture and uncomplicated format making it conducive to teaching.

There are very few discipleship courses that are created in the Wesleyan tradition, doctrine and scriptural interpretation. 

The course is presented on Power Point giving it unique advantages. No paper is involved in its publication and no fulfillment company needs to send out booklets. The total course can be distributed electronically via download or by email. The use of color, graphics, pictures and animation are other advantages that help hold the student’s interest. Another advantage with Power Point is that other slides can be inserted by a teacher if he or she feels that such would enhance the study.  This cannot be done with a book or video. If a slide is inserted, a notation by who it was created must appear at the bottom of the page in 14 point font.


The Five Units

The course is composed of five units which each have five chapters except for unit five that only has four.


Unit 1 – Salvation

This unit focuses on the attributes of God, the danger of sin, the atoning work of Jesus Christ and how faith is basic to salvation.  It shows how one can have the assurance of salvation


Unit 2 - Christian Life

This unit covers the topics of living in an evil world, obedience, prayer, the study of God’s word and stewardship.


Unit 3 - The Spirit-Filled Life

The focus is on the Holy Spirit and his role in a believer’s life. Receiving the Holy Spirit as a second work of grace is explained.  The cleansing of inbred sin, a life of love and a life of power are studied. How our humanity interacts with the spirit-filled life is also examined.


Unit 4 – The Christian Family

The family is a key dynamic to a quality life and is ordained by God. The topics of a Christian marriage, raising children in the home, providing Christian education in the home and sexual purity are all reviewed.


Unit – 5 The Church

The purpose of the church and God’s design for the church are studied. A large amount of material is spent on spiritual gifts and their proper use in the ministry of the church. The last chapter of this unit is entitled, “The Local Church.” The church leaders will need to create this chapter so that it gives a clear picture of the local church’s ministry and mission. Suggestions are given to assist you in this.


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A church or individual may purchase a license to use the course in the church or special ministry. The license gives the purchaser unlimited duplication of the course content for unlimited time. When the course was in paper form it cost $25 per complete course. It is plain to see how the license at $100 makes economic sense.  If the course is to be presented to five or more people, the license must be purchased. License allows purchaser to transfer the content into other digital or hard copy formats.


An individual may make a purchase of the course, but is prohibited from duplicating it for others or using it to make a group presentation.

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