Protecting the Unborn

By Steve Feazel

The Right to Life is an extensive examination of the abortion issue from the pro-life viewpoint. This Power Point presentation is basically a short 101 course on the abortion issue and the pro-life movement. It covers the spiritual aspects with scripture references, the political factors that are in play, the Planned Parenthood issues, the proof of personhood for the unborn, the brutality of the abortion procedures and a challenge for the viewer to take action.  Colorful graphics and thoughtful animation enhance the presentation and help to hold the viewer’s attention. The presentation is ideal for pro-life pregnancy centers to use in community relations and outreach to churches. Many people in churches have not yet become supporters of pro-life organizations and this presentation can motivate them to make this commitment.  The presentation can be used for volunteer training programs for crisis pregnancy centers that will give the large picture of the abortion issue and its impact on our culture. Centers who purchase the License Option may add or omit slides to make the presentation fit a particular audience. A center could have different versions to use for different audiences. Centers are encourages to add slides that inform viewers of their services, program, staff and success highlights that include pictures and logos.

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